Blarney is a world renowned tourist attraction



Home of Blarney Castle, built by Dermot McCarthy, King of Munster in 1446. Situated inside the highest parapet, is the legendary Blarney Stone. Kissing this stone is said to give all those who do so the gift of... eloquence!


Steeped in history and magical charm, Blarney offers the visitor a host of wonderful things to do and places to discover. One of the finest things that impresses the first time visitor is the well preserved village square. Blarney is one of the few villages in Ireland which has such a fine amenity, and today it continues to be a focal point of village life. In Tudor style, the village has developed around the square which is owned and carefully maintained by Blarney Castle Estate.


Over 200,000 people visit Blarney Castle each year. The castle is situated in over a thousand acres of magnificent woodland, making it the ideal place to take walks to enjoy the clean fresh environment of Blarney.